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Hardcover Book Binding Machine
CP Folding Machine
CP folding machines in this range are high speed machines that can fold sheets of different sizes in medium to large circulations. The automatic machines allow operators to just focus on the quality of folded products. 
Children Book Making Machine
From casing, flat binding, board paper folding, mounting, pasting, to corner rounding, all these functions can be performed by this range of children book making machines. These machines are highly demanded by childrens book publishers. 
Rigid Box Making Machine
All you need is a rigid box making machine to produce book-like rigid box, and multifunction case. The flexible and reliable range of machines can produce board game components, book cases, calendar and much more at high speed. 
Ancillary Machine
This range of ancillary machines are needed to carry out primary functions involved in making books. The customers can select the right machine based on the function they want to perform, for instance book piling, pressing, back rounding, pile stacking, book nipping, etc. 

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